RECORDED WEBINAR: Becoming a Trauma-Informed Education Professional - Module 1

RECORDED WEBINAR: Becoming a Trauma-Informed Education Professional - Module 1

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Date & Time: This webinar was recorded with a live audience on 10-16-20. 

Cost per participant:  $45

Audience: This virtual 2-hour session is appropriate for any education professional who wants to learn more about trauma, the effects of trauma, and specific ways to support students who have experienced trauma. All education professionals are welcome. The content and strategies discussed will be appropriate for all roles including administrators, teachers, social workers, psychologists, counselors, paraprofessionals, and anyone else who in interested in this topic! 

Description: In this session, participants will enhance their understanding of trauma and how trauma impacts the brain and body in both children and adults. Second, participants will learn some specific strategies for adult stress-management and self-care, as these are essential components of becoming a trauma-informed professional. Next we will begin learning strategies to use with students who have experienced trauma (although this specific objective will be presented in more depth during Module 2. See our virtual catalog for more information about Module 2 in our Trauma Series). 

**Purchase of this recording will grant you access to the training for approximately 2 weeks. A link to the recording of the webinar as well as links to handouts will be emailed to you within 48 hours after purchase. Please know that purchases of this recording are non-refundable.**


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